Best Guitar For Beginners

What is the best guitar for beginners? Put aside the price of the guitar for a moment, although this is a consideration in that you get what you pay for. However, the main consideration initially is the following… how does it feel for you when you pick it up and hold it, and are you comfortable playing it? If you feel positive about your answers to these two questions then this is the right instrument for you.

How to Choose a Guitar

A lot of my new students ask me what is the best beginner’s guitar and want to know whether it is best to start out learning on an electric guitar, a classical guitar or a steel string acoustic guitar.

This is really a matter of personal preference. A lot of new guitar students find it easier to start out learning on a classical guitar simply because these guitars have nylon strings which are not as tough on the fingers as an electric or even an acoustic guitar with its steel strings.

However, the basic concepts, chords, scales and the theory is the same for all three guitars.

Electric, Classic or Acoustic

best guitar for beginners

I have taught little kids who found it just as easy to play on the electric guitar as on a classical or acoustic. It really depends on the individual. But there is no doubt that steel strings are tougher on the fingers for a beginner than nylon strings are.

Another thing to keep in mind is the difference in sound that a guitar with steel strings makes compared to one with nylon. Although you are playing the same chords or melody, there will be a difference in timbre.

A guitar with nylon strings is most commonly used in classical music, and Spanish flamingo music. Guitars with steel strings are more commonly used in folk, rock, pop and country music.

A Question of Size

Another important aspect to consider when choosing a guitar is its size.

There are guitars that are smaller in size that make it easier for kids to learn on. Some kids have a difficult time holding a regular sized guitar, and here it might be wise to get a smaller one. A regular sized guitar can be too difficult for a child to learn on because of the overall body size and neck width.

If you are an adult or teenager, a regular size guitar would be just fine. However, some people actually like guitars that have a smaller body.

Also keep in mind that the shape of a guitar should be considered. Some guitars have funny shapes and forms that, although the look cool and interesting, they may feel awkward and therefore not be the best guitars to start out learning on.

The Cost

I had a student recently who asked me why some guitars are so expensive whereas others are extremely cheap. There are many factors involved when it comes to pricing guitars.

Some guitars are quite simply better quality than others. It’s like anything else we buy and pay for. Just like certain clothes, cars, phones and other products have different price range and quality, the same goes for guitars.

Sometimes it is the parts that are used in/on the guitar that raises the price. Craftsmanship often plays a role.

Some guitars are custom made, or special edition series. These types of guitars can also be quite expensive. Supply and demand also determines the price.

Think of the Gibson Les Paul, or the Fender Stratocaster. Those are probably the two most sought after type of electric guitars.

The Conclusion

As you can tell, choosing a guitar can be a personal matter indeed. If you have a teacher, it would be a good idea to ask him/her for advice on the best guitar for a beginner to purchase. Or, find a good sales representative at the music store that you are considering buying from. Or, simply ask your friends who may have one or even several guitars if you can try it/them out and get an idea of the one you would like to learn to play on. Once you have chosen your instrument check out our recommended courses to learn how to play it here at

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