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 Guitar Lessons: A Beginners Guide

These four videos contain very basic but useful short guitar lessons for people who have never played guitar before… Jacques Darville talks a little about string names, chords and the basic equipment and gear you need to start on your journey of learning to play the guitar.

Guitar LessonsGuitar Strings

He begins by running us through the string names… E, A, D, G, B, E, and with regard to how you number the strings in your mind when starting out, he mentions the important things to be aware of when you purchase new strings.

Jacques recommends a couple of tuners that are readily available, this is a MUST purchase item, and he demonstrates how to tune a guitar using one of these tuners. Follow this link for more information about guitar tuners.

Basic Guitar Chords

In video two and three Jacques takes us through the chords. He talks about the sound effect of the major and minor chords. Then how to distinguish between these two versions of a chord… Jacques demonstrates each of the chords whilst working between the major and minor version of the chords.

Music is about listening and he recommends you try to develop your ear and try to distinguish the differences between the major and minor chords, this is a great skill he says, it is one that will enhance your level of musicianship and go a long way to help develop your playing ability.

Useful Guitar Gear

In Video four Jacques looks at some useful equipment and gear that you should purchase… he starts with the Metronome which is used to develop good time in your playing. He mentions the Capo which you clip on the guitar and it is used to change the sound of the chords you are playing. Jacques talks about the guitar strings and the gauges or types you can purchase that will change the tone and sound. If you have not yet purchased your guitar check out our best guitar for beginners guide for a few important points to consider.

Lastly Jacques takes us through the types and sizes of picks to use. Browse through the videos, you are sure to pick up some useful information. For more about guitar lessons and recommended guitar courses browse ArtisanStrings.

Beginning Guitar…

Chords: Major and Minor…

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