How to Play The Tricky F Chord on Guitar

Today we are going to talk about the F Major Chord and the F Minor Chord.

According the Jacques the F chords are probably the most difficult to play for new students because it involves holding more than one string down with just one finger… when you play F chord you hold two strings down with one finger like this… and when you play the f minor chord you hold 3 strings down with one finger… here is a great instructional video on playing these chords by Jacques who points out that almost everyone struggles with these at first.

Looking at The F Major Chord Up Close

  • You put the 3rd finder on the 3rd fret of the D string
  • Then you take your middle finger and place it on the 2nd fret of the G string
  • Now for the tricky part you want to hold two strings down with your first finger… this is a bar… Jacques demonstrates this in the video

So Jacques shows in the video that we have finger positioning of three, two and one placed. It might take you a while to master holding those two notes down but just be patient and you will get it. Don’t forget with the F chord your want to start strumming on the D string

Finger Position For The F Minor Chord

Now with the F Minor Chord you want to bar not two strings but three strings…

  •  With your 1st finger You want to barre by holding the 3 strings down from the bottom
  • And keep the root note of the 3rd fret of the D string as demonstrated in F major section of the video… and there is your F minor.

For beginners this is a common way of playing the F chord, you still need a little bit of strength on the back with the thumb.
So there you have it… F major and F minor… these two chords are a little difficult but just take your time and you will get it.
Watch the video closely and practice getting your finger position right and then practice over and over until you feel comfortable playing these chords.

To learn more chords follow this link to learn about playing the D chords on your guitar


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