How to Play the Guitar: The Easiest Way to Learn

Whether you are an adult or a teenager, learning to how to play the guitar could be a wonderful hobby or the start of your music career. Some people think there are shortcuts and quick ways to learn but in order to be good, you have to dedicate enough time to learn guitar by working through the mundane. As well as this here are a few more tips to enhance your learning.

Listen to the Best Guitarists

How To Play The GuitarChoose your role models carefully because the performers that you listen to will definitely influence your style and affect your guitar playing skills. You are only as good, as your role models. Listen to a lot of music and try to figure out which style you find most attractive. Focus on that genre and as you keep on working, listen to different performances and assess the skill level.

Online Guitar Lessons

The basics of learning how to play the guitar can be found online. The following link is a good source to start your learning journey with many lessons and video clips that will teach you how to play the guitar the easy way.

Mastering these basics is a good idea before you start working with an instructor. Chords, intervals and shapes can easily be mastered on your own. Buy a decent guitar and dedicate several hours per day on going through online lessons.

Practice Playing Guitar Daily

When learning how to play an instrument, you have to practice daily. Keep on repeating the online lessons and trying the basics until you get them perfect. See our article on learning guitar for beginners.

Get in the habit of practicing at least five times per week. Your brain will need time to accommodate the new skills and to internalize those. Learning the right body position and getting to identify the mistakes you make while playing the guitar will take some time. The more you practice, the quicker you will get there.

Find a Good Guitar Instructor

To get the best results, you need to work with a guitar instructor. A trained professional will find it much easier to identify the mistakes and the problem areas that you need to put emphasis on.

The instructor should be easy to communicate with. You may try lessons with several different individuals before you decide about working with one person. Pay attention to each lesson and practice what you just learned at home. If you play the guitar solely during the lessons, you will need a long period of time to improve your skills and get to the level that you want to be at.

Getting to learn how to play guitar will be tremendous fun but it will also require hard work and commitment. Practice, even when you feel that you can no longer do it. Take good care of your guitar and listen to the music of virtuosos to inspire yourself.


  1. These are some great tips for learning guitar. The thing that I struggled with when I was learning was practicing every single day. Like you said, it helps your brain and body get used to everything, so it’s super important!

    • I read somewhere that a daily practice can become a habit within a month or so. I agree, it’s super important and well worth the initial effort.

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